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Trend influences by @luis_filippo

Streetwear has many influences, such as different music fields, like oversized shirts (hip-hop scene) or ripped pants (punk-rock scene, Kurt Cobain).

A few years ago when

I was wearing an oversized shirt, a buddy was laughing me and said: “Hey Luis, you did not find a bigger shirt anymore right?“One year later, when the trend has arrived, he is now wearing only oversized shirts.


My Name is Luis Kirchner, and I am an Influencer on Instagram. Furthermore, I love to take pictures and also modelling. My style is a mix of streetwear and casual streetwear. In this blog post I would like to talk a little bit about the current trends, where I get my inspiration from and why anyone who likes high street fashion should use HEWI Street.

A strong lasting trend which was enforced in 2017 until today are the clothes with rose imprints. There are many different motifs of all kinds of roses. Whether on the front of the shirt small and discreet, or on the back with a large picture of one or more roses. I really like this trend and have even ten or more garments with rose prints. 


Another trend that came back from the 30s-70s is the vintage look. I personally love this look and I like to combine the modern street style with a vintage garment. Vintage are clothings which are either really old, but still fashionable, or clothings which only pick up the old look of the 30s to 70s, such as the ripped jeans.

But why is the vintage look so popular?

Today, more than ever, vintage fashion offers the opportunity to identify yourself in your clothing style. It has become a constantly present and accepted side branch of the fashion industry.


Finally a few words about my inspirations and why I like HEWI Street.

My inspiration comes from the blogger Jonny Edlind.

Not only because of his style but he posts very inspiring Youtube VLOGS where he gives people an insight into his life, and his constant positivity can only infect you. Because of that I always try to say this to myself: stay positive and try to be better every day.

And why am I so happy with HEWI Street?

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