by hsadmin

Streetwear by @natwinter_

Streetwear has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years; I remember when I used to dress in this style when I was younger and people would just call you a tomboy if you were a female who wore that kind of thing. I’m Natalie, a photographer and influencer from London. I’m into streetwear, both high street and high end; so all of my work both photography and content creation wise evolves around streetwear! In this blog post I am going to talk a little bit about some trends I am currently seeing in the scene.

The first one would be us girls wearing a full menswear look. I’ve been wearing menswear for years now, I love oversized t-shirts, baggy joggers and big coats. But I am seeing more and more girls in head to toe menswear and making it look better than the boys do a lot of the time! We then add our own little girly touches to complete the look like jewelry, a cute little bag or pretty nails or a hair and makeup look.

The second one would be tracksuits. One of my favourite trends at the moment within the streetwear scene is a matching tracksuit! It’s comfy and effortless yet looks so good. I particularly love the bright coloured tracksuits that we’re seeing a lot of at the moment. Another thing I love with this look is how you can dress it up in different ways; you can wear them with a cute pair of trainers like some all white Air Force 1s and a cross body bag for a daytime look, or you can pair it with a pair of heels and a little designer bag to dress it up for the night and it looks amazing.

The final trend I am loving is cute small bags, from the Off-White bags everyone is wearing, to Fendi cross body bags, Louis Vuitton Pochettes and Gucci fanny packs — there’s one to complete every streetwear outfit. I feel like a pair of designer sunglasses and a small bag is what finishes the look off.

So those were my three favourite streetwear trends at the moment! I feel that HEWI Street is an amazing place for the community as it is giving us the opportunity to pick up pieces that aren’t necessarily in the shops anymore, so no one else will be wearing it. We haven’t had a curated platform like this before, where we have everything in one place to shop and it’s all streetwear.