by hsadmin

Selling Items on HEWI Street

1: Photos.

Pictures are the first thing your buyer sees, so it is important that your item is photographed in a good bright light, and include images of all angles of the item. When it comes to shoes, handbags and accessories, really make sure you have photographed all angles. The soles, in the interior, every little detail can help make up a buyer’s mind.

2: Description.

When describing your item try to think of all the questions you would have before purchasing this item online, and answer them in your description. How would you describe the fit? The exact size measurements, the colour, the style, when was the item purchased/produced? The answers to these questions can be the tipping point for a potential buyer. Also adding a bit of personality to a description can really help! Let them know how you styled the item, or did you wear it to a special occasion?

3: Shipping.

The best way to start with shipping is to look at the website of your local postal courier. For example, if you would use Royal Mail, their website explains the cost of how much it would be to ship different weights to different countries either with or without tracking. We strongly recommend that all items are shipping with tracking as this will cover both you and the buyer if there are any issues.

Once you have sold a few items, you will have a good understanding of the different costs for countries and different shaped items.

4: Swapping and Negotiation.

HEWI Street makes it seamless and easy to swap items with other users who have similar style and taste to you. If you are open to negotiate or to do a deal, it can be helpful to put this in your description so members know they can contact you with an offer.

5: Communication.

If another member messages you, comments on an item of yours, or interacts in any way, it is essential to respond and provide the member with a good level of communication. When you respond effectively to members, it builds a relationship and will encourage buyers to keep coming back to you.

Good communication will also encourage members to follow your profile and suggest you to their friends.

6: Self Promotion.

A great way to sell more items is to promote your HEWIST shop on social media, and recommend items to friends. This way people with similar style to you will see your products and view/follow your shop.