Hewi Street is pausing while we create a new Hewi experience that we can’t wait for you to see! All active Hewi Street orders will still be honoured, but we are not taking new orders. More information here »


What is HEWI street?
HEWI street is a curated social shopping network for premium high street clothing, where you can buy, sell & swap. Please visit our about us page to learn more.

Who’s behind the brand?
HEWI street has been created by the HEWI group, who also founded HEWILondon.com, which was created in 2011 as a safe place to buy and sell luxury clothing. HEWI street is now bringing that expertise to the premium high street fashion market.

How do I open an account?
Click here to join the street.

How do I subscribe?
Simple, create an account and go to the ‘subscription’ tab to sign up.



Where is my order?
If you have not received your order, we recommend your contact the seller of your item. You can do this in your account in the ‘orders’ section. If the seller does not update you with a tracking number or expected delivery date after a a few days , please contact us to escalate the dispute.

Is my payment safe?
All payments are made via PayPal, and do not go directly to the seller. We hold your payment safe for 7 days to allow you time to notify us of any issues. If you do have an issue with a purchase, you can hold your payment from being released in your account in ‘orders’.

What buyer protection do I have?
All payments made via PayPal include Buyer Protection which is managed by PayPal. PayPal offers Buyer Protection and will reimburse buyers who meet the eligibility requirements and (1) didn’t receive the item from their seller or (2) the item received is significantly different from how the seller described it.

How do I know the item is genuine?
We try to do our best to ensure all products on hewistreet.com. All products come through our virtual office and we have built up years of experience for what to look for. Our payment system ensures you have an extra layer of protection against fraudulent products. If you have concerns over any products, please contact us.

I have a problem with my order.
We advise members to try to resolve issues directly with the seller of their item, as this is the quickest way to resolve issues. If you are unable to reach an agreement with the seller, please contact us for assistance.

Can I return my purchase?
Please see our returns policy for more information.


How do I sell?
Simply register, and start listing! There are two selling options you can choose from – you can either subscribe for a monthly flat fee to avoid being charged commission per sale, or you can choose to be charged 15%+VAT per item sold.

What fees are charged for selling?
Our subscription packages start at £5.99 p/month. If you do not wish to subscribe, a fee of 15%+VAT will be charged upon the sale of your item.

What benefits do I get from subscribing?
Please see our subscription packages for more information.

Do I have to accept returns?
If you are a professional seller, you must accept returns by law. At HEWIstreet, we define a professional seller as a savvy individual who is selling more than 5 items per month and is reselling clothing with the purpose of profit.

What brands can I sell?
Please see our approved brand list here. We aim to accept premium high street clothing, and will not accept brands such as New Look & Primark. For items from brands such as Zara & Topshop, we will not accept items that are older than two years, and/or are very worn.

What products can I sell?
Please see our categories for the products that can be sold on HEWIstreet.


How does swapping work?
When you subscribe, the swapping feature is unlocked. When you see an item that is available to swap, select the ‘swap’ button, and you will be prompted to select an item from your wardrobe that you wish to offer to swap. If your item is less expensive than the item you want to swap with, you can offer a cash balance to make up the difference. We recommend you contact and have a conversation with the member you are swapping your item with, before posting your product.

How am I protected when swapping?
Both users must be subscribed, therefore each user has been vetted and provided personal information that allows us to verify they are a genuine user.

What are the benefits of swapping?
Get a new wardrobe, from your wardrobe, without having to spend a penny. If you’re a smart swapper, you can upgrade your wardrobe without spending anything.

I haven’t received my swap – what should i do?
Contact the member who has agreed to swap with you. If you do not receive a response, please contact us.