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'Swapping is the new shopping'

Use your wardrobe to get your new pieces.

Step 1:
If you still do not have an account register using this link.

Step 2:
Login to hewistreet.com. You can use this link.

Step 3:
Select account -> subscription from main navigation and subscribe to unlock swap feature. First month of subscription is on us.

Step 4:
Upload your items.

Step 5:
Find an item you want, hit the ‘swap’ button and select an item from your wardrobe to offer.

If you’re item is less expensive than the item you want to swap with, you can add the difference in cash which will be calculated for you. Example below:

When someone requests additional money, once you’ve accepted the offer, you’ll be taken to checkout just like a normal transaction. If no money is requested, then the swap will be completed once both members accept. Then all you need to do is post your item, provide the tracking info, or alternatively meet up to complete a free swap.

We’re on hand to help you through any part of the swap process, pop us a message via our help centre which can be found on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.