Hewi Street is pausing while we create a new Hewi experience that we can’t wait for you to see! All active Hewi Street orders will still be honoured, but we are not taking new orders. More information here »

How it works


If you are in a hurry, check out with PayPal express – no registration required. Your payment is secure as it is held with us for 7 days until you receive your item (any problems, just let us know!)

Or register for free to get these benefits:

  • Create a profile
  • Interact with other users
  • Save favourite items
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest news.

Click here to register now!



There are two ways to sell on the Street:

Option 1:

Create an account for free, upload your products, add your PayPal address to get paid, and we’ll deduct 15%+VAT commission from your sales.

We’ll edit your images, this helps to sell your item faster & verify buyers address to ensure safe transactions. We’re also on hand to help with any queries you may have.


Option 2:

Pay one monthly fee, and sell commission free!

Here’s how it works – you’ll receive one month’s free trial, then a monthly fee of £9.99 will be charged. You can sell unlimited, and unlock our new ‘swap’ feature (explained on this page below). If you sell an item for £60 using option 1, you’ll already be paying more than the cost of subscribing!

We’ll also edit your images to ensure clean listings, and easier shopping for buyers.

To subscribe, create an account then head to the ‘subscriptions’ section of your account to sign up. Welcome to the Street family.




Swapping is the new shopping‘ – use your wardrobe to swap with other members!

Step 1:

Subscribe to unlock the swap feature.

Step 2:

Upload your items.

Step 3:

Find an item you want, hit the ‘swap’ button and select an item from your wardrobe to offer.

Watch this video to see the swap in action: SwapIt!

If you’re item is less expensive than the item you want to swap with, you can add the difference in cash which will be calculated for you.